Our Process

Had that Eureka Moment?

Great! Nothing gets the Seedcamp team more excited than testing, playing, reading, and exploring your brilliant ideas. The ones we generally back are capital efficient tech businesses across software/mobile/internet/media, but we’re open to innovative ideas and businesses in related areas, too. The main thing is to demonstrate a big potential for the idea.

Show us your Product

We’re very impressed by applicants who have something to show us, this can be an Alpha or Beta version of your product, a prototype, or videos and screenshots. Some teams apply to Seedcamp with market traction and even early revenue.

Apply Now!

Seedcamp hosts Seedcamp events globally throughout the year, click the “Apply Now” button to be considered for our next event. At Seedcamp we think it’s most important to apply when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, location should come second. Make sure you take the time to write a kickass application – how will you and your business make it big? Don’t be afraid to show off, we like ambition and drive.

Judging and Selection

Selection takes place the week after applications have closed. Seedcamp’s investors are the judges – first impressions count. You will usually be notified within a week if you have been selected. Competition is very tough, so if you don’t make the shortlist you are welcome to re-apply. We like to see teams iterate on their products and business model. Some Seedcamp event participants also re-apply after a Seedcamp event and return with an even better proposition.

Have fun and learn tons

A Seedcamp event is a whirlwind of successful entrepreneurs, product experts, VCs, and angel investors and is designed to accelerate your progress by condensing months worth of introductions, advice, and wisdom into a single day. Think of it as opening the door on future relationships. This is your opportunity to shine, show what you’re building, and receive honest and constructive feedback. You will make connections, find partners and new customers, and potentially even funding. Meet your peers, share knowledge and learnings, and be warned: it’s super intensive!

How we Invest

For the winning companies of any event that we choose to invest in, our standard investment is €50,000 in return for a 8-10% stake. We also offer €25,000 for 5% for companies that need less cash, and for qualifying companies that want to participate in Seedcamp without investment funding, for 3% of ordinary shares in your company, you get full participation within the Seedcamp program. Additionally, we bring startups to the next level with office space at Google Campus London, access to our network of over 2000 mentors, an intensive growth phase at our Seedcamp Weeks, a four-week mentoring tour of the US startup and investor community, our Seedcamp Academy Program and our Founders’ Pack worth over €200,000.We look forward to welcoming many more exciting companies to the Seedcamp family .

Our Programme

Seedcamp companies join our intensive year-long programme focusing on all the aspects of company’s development. These include:

  • The Seedcamp team’s time and commitment to your company on a weekly basis

  • Social events and lunches on a monthly basis

  • Seedcamp Academy Days

  • Our USA trip, held twice a year for when your company is ready

  • Membership to the Seedcamp founder network to learn from and get to know the 110+ founders in the Seedcamp family.

  • A ‘Founders pack’ (with a value of up to €200,000) of free or reduced rate services

But it doesn’t end after a year. Once you’re in the Seecamp Family, you are a member of Seedcamp indefinitely.  We provide a variety of ongoing support for companies for as long as they are in our portfolio and the relationship continues for founders.


In short, Seedcamp offers you the support, investment, tools, and rolodex you need to successfully turn a great idea into a awesome company. Feel free to get in touch with us or our companies to learn more. If you have what it takes to build a world-class company – definitely APPLY!