Our Investment

All Seedcamp companies receive access to the Seedcamp mentor network, three months of office space with us and other Seedcamp companies at Campus London, €200,000 worth of services in our Founders’ Pack.

Additionally, teams receive:


  • Teams submit weekly a status of plans and progress along with identifying any key problems we can help with
  • Weekly office hours with the Seedcamp team for further support


Events you will have Access to

  • Seedcamp Week
  • 4 Week US roadshow
  • Biz Dev Meetings – Marketing Society, BDMI

Lastly, because companies join Seedcamp at different stages, we have worked on various structures to accommodate those differences with three funding options:

€50,000 for 8-10% ordinary shares

We believe this amount helps founders reach the most amount of momentum fastest. It allows the team to focus on a first iteration of their product, and sets a good basis for fundraising towards the end of the Seedcamp program.

€25,000 for 5% of ordinary shares

Designed for companies that have some funding and will add to that Seedcamp’s investment. We’ve seen companies raise small angel rounds before Seedcamp, and this offering works well to accommodate these founders in the program.

No funding for 3% of ordinary shares

Designed for companies that are already generating cash and/or have received more substantial funding and where participating in Seedcamp with an investment isn’t possible.

Standard Seedcamp documents

To learn more about our terms, download our standard termsheet below. Our termsheet is a reduced version of the standard terms found in the Seedsummit Termsheets used by many of Europe’s leading Angels and VCs.

Download the Seedcamp Standard Termsheet

Please read our terms before attending any of our Seedcamp Week events and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


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