Mini Seedcamp Prague, 20 October 2011

Mini Seedcamp Prague (on the 20th of October 2011) is a one day event aiming to connect the 20 best web-tech, mobile and software talent with some of the leading entrepreneurs, developers, and experts from all across Europe and all over the world. If you are not familiar with the Seedcamp events or would like to know more about the process, please check reports from previous eventsabout & investment terms, and our FAQs pages.

We will be bringing together 20 of the region’s best seed stage tech start-ups with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and developers from across Europe and all over the world to participate in a day of intense mentoring, panel discussions and presentations.

Check out our blog postsvideos and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what we’re looking for, what teams get out of it and what you can do to improve your chances in winning a spot at one of the most prestigious and rewarding web tech events in the Prague. Spending the time to fill out the application comprehensively is key and communicating to us clearly your idea and strengths of your team is critical for consideration, so no skimping here!

As a team in Mini Seedcamp Prague you will:

Included below is the day’s schedule to give you and outline of what a Mini Seedcamp looks like.

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CEVRO Institute

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09:00 - 18:30 The main event. Here the 20 local Finalists get to connect and learn from prominent entrepreneurs, investors, developers and other web technology experts.
The day consists of 5 minute presentations by the teams, a panel discussions, and four 1:1 mentoring sessions. The format is designed to maximise interaction between the teams and mentors, and has proved popular with mentors at previous Seedcamps.

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Participant List:

  •, Milan Italy; is a quick interactive tool to access the information around you
  • AppScale, Yekaterinburg, Russia; is an automatic tool for social apps Developers to market their products globally
  • Brand Embassy, Prague, Czech Republic; Helps companies to talk to customers on internet
  • BsC-i, Madrid, Spain; Mobile Business Intelligence apps for iPad. ”The Control of  your business in your Hand
  • CHAKKR, Oberhausen, Germany; Shipment 2.0 - Smart way to transport what you buy and sell, through couriers and travelers already on the road nearby
  • Facekrypt, Cambridge MA, USA; addresses privacy concerns within public social networks by adding a layer of "secrecy" on top of existing access controls.
  • Frestyl, Rome, Italy; helps you spread the word about the līve music events you're passionate about.
  • Globe, London, UK; Globe helps you tell your travel stories.
  • Ideedock, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; A tool to organize idea contests among your employees in a simplified way.
  • indoors, Vienna, Austria; provides accurate localisation inside buildings. GPS works outside - inside.
  • Lokus Digital, Finland; makes mobile games that enrich people's real lives with surreal experiences
  • Margn, Tartu, Estonia; is super easy and affordable accounting software
  •, Amsterdam, Netherlands; is a real time marketplace for products and services. Helps you buy and sell with people nearby.
  • Mixgar, Budapest, Hungary; helps people listen to music what they like in a place: bar, houseparty, restaurant or festival.
  • NeedleFound, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Online analytics - automated.
  • Qminder, Tallinn, Estonia; An affordable and easy to install queue management system for venues and an app for end users to take their ticket
  • TeamMatch, London, UK; help users to create or sort people into balanced teams to improve teamwork with matchmaking technology
  •, Dublin, Ireland; develops specialsed software for the financial trading markets.
  • Universator, Brno, Czech Repulic; a social activity of getting incoming students together and showing them previous experience and other relevant data
  • WhoAPI, Rijeka, Croatia; Providing advanced domain data (like advanced whois output, server uptime, spam blacklist, and many other) on a massice scale
  • Seedcamp Articles:

    We’re excited to announce that two new teams have joined the Seedcamp family from Mini Seedcamp Prague event: and Qminder. Both teams impressed us with their ability and clear vision on executing their plans to grow. has the honour of being our first ever team based in The Netherlands! Qminder is the second strong team to come from Garage48 in Estonia, following in the footsteps of fellow #estonianmafia team Campalyst. A huge welcome to both, and we look forward to the exciting times ahead! Read more

    • Zsuzsa Szabó

      We are a startup from Hungary. Can we apply for the Prague Seedcamp? I ask it becasue I read in the schedule “Here the 20 local Finalists…”, and we are not local.

      • Jan Horna

        Go ahead. I also applied to SeedCamp in Berlin a while ago despite we are based in the Czech Republic.

      • Anonymous

        Local is Central and Eastern European for Seedcamp. There were teams from Slovenia, Poland last year, and one team from India join Prague too.

    • Saul Klein

      Feel free to apply to any Mini Seedcamp - doesn’t matter if you are local, just that you want to be huge :)

    • Saul Klein

      Feel free to apply to any Mini Seedcamp - doesn’t matter if you are local, just that you want to be huge :)

    • Kristof Van Tomme

      What is the deadline for applying?

    • Kristof Van Tomme

      Ah just seen the green deadline, seen this page 3 times now, but it was the first time I noticed the date 2011-09-28

    • Santiago Tenorio

      Awesome! We’re based in London, but will apply to the Prague event!

    • Derek Pappas

      Will there be a seed camp event in Belgrade?

    • Vladimir Vircik

      Do I have to have a startup or it is possible just to stop by?
      Watch and learn.

    • Anonymous

      Congrats to a well organized event packed with dynamic teams & dedicated mentors!